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Rosières ovens are made from high quality glass, which combined with the solidity of steel, creates a look of elegance and sophisticated traits. The full touch display allows you to choose the oven function, set the cooking time and select the temperature for each cooking program with just a few taps!

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Cook Tops


Induction, vitroceramic, gas or electric hobs… So many choices for simmering, searing and browning your dishes. Moreover, whether it is gas, mixed or electric, the hob offers you incredible comfort when you cook. It exists in traditional or domino version. Make way for a luxurious and tasty cuisine! State of the art cooking technology with a mix of elegance and high performance!

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It’s crucial to have good kitchen ventilation, not only to ensure that all odours are limited to the kitchen, but to improve the air circulation in your house.

All Rosières hoods are supplied with carbon filters as standard.

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Compact Ovens


Rosières microwave ovens, combined or grill, offer the perfect solution for your compact kitchen. Thanks to automatic cooking programs, quick freezing, and the safety side of the child lock, no need to worry about the time or the quality of your dishes. Amaze your guests with dishes worthy of great chefs!

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Rosières products are inspired by the professional world of controlled cooking to ensure your meals are cooked at the perfect temperature every time, giving the best results and delicious food!


If you’re considering switching to induction consider a Rosières Induction Cooktop. Induction Cooktops heat pots and pans directly, instead of using an electric or gas-heated element.

Induction stoves and cooktops heat faster than electric and gas counterparts. That’s because with induction, you don’t have to wait for the heating element to transfer to the pan. Instead, the pan heats up directly and super quickly!


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The partnership between the National Society of the Best Craftsmen of France and Rosières has now lasted for more than 3 years. 


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